Allen-Tully Appointed to USDA’s NAREEE Advisory Board

November 9, 2021

Allen-Tully Appointed to USDA’s NAREEE Advisory Board

Nov 9, 2021

Key Issues:Sustainability

Author: Stacey Stiens

On October 28, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the appointment of 14 members to the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board. Eight members are new appointments, and six members are reappointments.


Of those new appointments, one was Dr. Dana Allen-Tully.  She serves as Minnesota Corn Grower Association treasurer and NCGA Sustainable Ag Research Action Team (SARAT) vice chair.  Additionally, Dr. Allen-Tully serves as the Dairy and Nutrition manager for the Gar-Lin Dairy Farm. Her studies included animal science with a Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition. 


“SARAT has had the privilege of Dana’s leadership and knowledge.  Her voice will continue to play an instrumental role in elevating corn grower voices, and her appointment to the NAREEE Advisory Board is well-deserved,” said NCGA Research and Productivity Director Robyn Allscheid.  “NCGA is a grassroots organization, and Dana’s new role will continue to help shape decision-making.  She will continue to champion the issues that matter to corn growers.”


NAREEE Board members are selected and appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. Each NAREEE Advisory Board member represents a specific category of U.S. agricultural stakeholder as outlined in the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. These areas include farming or ranching, food production and processing, forestry research, crop and animal science, land-grant Institutions, non-land-grant colleges or universities with a historical commitment to research in food and agricultural sciences, food retailing and marketing, rural economic development, and natural resources and consumer interest groups.


“As we continue to build back better a fair, equitable, safe and secure food and agricultural system, science and research are at the core of data-driven decisions,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The NAREEE board will play a pivotal role in shaping science priorities needed to address tough challenges that our nation’s farmers, ranchers and consumers face.”


View the USDA’s October 28 press release here.