Collaborative Solutions for Pollinator Health

NCGA is an active participant in several industry groups working on collaborative solutions for pollinator health on or near agricultural lands. Although corn is wind-pollinated and does not benefit from insect pollination, a healthy and diversified ecosystem remains important to the long-term operation and sustainability of corn farms. Farmers will undoubtedly find a diverse array of pollinators in their cornfields and can take steps to help protect these species.

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Partnership with Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever

NCGA is proud to announce their partnership—funded by NCGA’s Production Technology Access Action Team (PTAAT)—with Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever. This new collaboration will focus on increasing pollinator and wildlife habitat in corn-producing states. The initial focus is on corn producers in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, with room for expansion down the road.

Pollinators are essential to the health of upland bird habitat and supporting the broader ecosystem across corn-growing areas, which in turn, also supports the long-term prosperity of corn growers. When pollinator habitat is made a priority, farmers often also see soil and water improvements in developed areas of their property.


For more information about the pollinator partnership or to receive a complimentary field visit from a Farm Bill biologist, contact Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever by email at pollinator@pfqf.org or by calling Brent Rudolph, director of sustainability, at 517-980-4570; or contact Nicole Hasheider, NCGA crop inputs and investor relations director, at hasheider@ncga.com.

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