CornPAC Mission

CornPAC seeks to promote the public policy goals of corn producers and their agricultural related interests. CornPAC is a non-partisan, voluntary political action committee that provides the opportunity for individuals to support and elect pro-industry congressional candidates for federal public office who believe and have demonstrated their belief in the priorities of corn growers.


All contributions are voluntary and are only a suggested amount. All CornPAC contributions and activities are governed by the CornPAC Action Team and will only be used for federal political purposes. Corporate contributions are not permitted, and contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions are solicited from NCGA members only. Solicitations can be declined without fear of reprisal.


PLEASE NOTE: Account creation is not immediate as access must be approved by NCGA staff. 


Federal law prohibits CornPAC from soliciting donations from other than executive and administrative personnel and members of NCGA, and families of these individuals. Any contribution received from any other person will be returned to the donor.



Thank you!