Ethanol Action

Ethanol Needs Your Voice

Corn-based ethanol is a low-cost, low-carbon domestic fuel that results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than regular gasoline, saves drivers money at the pump and adds billions of gallons to our nation’s fuel supply each year.  


Every American has a voice in the decisions impacting the fuel they put in their vehicles, the price they pay at the pump, the solutions available to advance America’s clean energy future and other pressing issues. For policymakers to pass meaningful legislation, ethanol advocates must engage and make their voices heard on the issues that impact the domestic production of ethanol.


The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) has the tools to help you effectively participate in the policymaking process and shape legislation surrounding renewable fuels. Through the Ethanol Action Center, you can find who represents you in Congress, learn how to engage with these policymakers, and gather information regarding NCGA’s ethanol priorities and the policies we support. 


Make Your Voice Heard

Find out who represents you in Congress by entering your address or zip code into this legislator search tool.  


Once you have located your representatives, contact them through emails or letters, messages on social media, phone calls or in-person visits. Reaching members of Congress during key moments is critical. For ethanol priorities and policies, this may include:


  • The summer driving months when fuel consumption and demand increase. 
  • Moments when gas prices suddenly rise or fluctuate, offering drivers little stability or savings at the pump. 
  • The days, weeks and months leading up to deadlines impacting federal spending and the passage of legislation. 
  • When critical ethanol legislation is being crafted or moving through the political process. 


To ensure you're receiving timely alerts on all of NCGA’s calls-to-action related to biofuels policy, text COB to 52886 and be added to our advocacy database. 

Ethanol Priorities

Now that you are empowered to take action, learn more about ethanol’s benefits and the legislative and regulatory initiatives currently in play.