Iowa farmer Chris Edgington Takes Over as NCGA President

October 5, 2021

Iowa farmer Chris Edgington Takes Over as NCGA President

Oct 5, 2021

Author: Julie Busse

Today, National Corn Growers Association President and Iowa farmer Chris Edgington held a news conference with the media to outline his goals for his year as president.


Edgington told reporters, “Making family farms like ours better is what drives me. It’s why I ran for the Corn Board, and it’s why I ran to be president of NCGA. And just like it is for our farm, my goal as president is to make NCGA the best team it can be. That starts with staying focused on our top priorities. These include Growing demand for our products; Protecting the profitability of our businesses; and Building trust in our sustainable production methods.”


Edgington acknowledged that there’s a lot of work to tackle in the year ahead. “The thing about this job is there will always be issues to work on - good ones, bad ones and others that fall somewhere in between. I can’t say for sure what they’ll be or when we’ll be confronted with them, but I know our chances of success are greater if we are on the same team.”


Edgington answered questions from the media, which focused on trade, ethanol and crop progress on his farm.

You can learn more about Chris by reading his bio here or watching this brief introduction video here.


You can watch the news conference with the media here. In addition, you can listen to an AgriTalk interview here.