Focus Forward: RFA Conference Dives into the Issues and Opportunities Facing the Ethanol Industry in 2020

February 19, 2020

Focus Forward: RFA Conference Dives into the Issues and Opportunities Facing the Ethanol Industry in 2020

Feb 19, 2020

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Author: Julie Busse

Putting 2019 in the rear-view mirror, the Renewable Fuels Association is focusing forward in 2020, looking at the future of clean fuel standards and high-octane low-carbon fuel.


At the National Ethanol Conference, CEO Geoff Cooper, in his state of the industry address, told the roughly one-thousand attendees, “as we focus more acutely on positioning ethanol in discussions about energy and climate change, we need to play to ethanol’s unique strengths and emphasize the Three Cs: Clean Octane, Carbon Reduction and Consumer Choice.”


Cooper went on later in his speech to say “As we write the next chapter of renewable fuels policy, RFA and its allies believe ethanol has a tremendous opportunity to serve as the key ingredient of a future high octane low carbon fuel that delivers significant benefits to American consumers.”


NCGA CEO Jon Doggett was part of a stakeholder’s round table discussion with Callie Eideberg of the Environmental Defense Fund, John Reese with Shell Oil Products U.S., and Shane Karr with FCA US LLC. Doggett told the crowd “We are working on a lot that will enhance the productivity and profitability of farmers. As we do that, we need to continue to grow our relationship with the organizations that are also represented on stage and work together to determine a path forward. Climate change, higher ethanol blends and capturing carbon on the farm are important issues we can all get behind.”


NCGA and state staff, along with many farmer leaders attended the conference, which covered ethanol and the carbon market, remarks from Ted McKinney, Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the impact of small refinery exemptions. 


Brian Sowers, the voice of Crappie Masters, participated in a panel on ethanol’s benefits beyond the road, telling the crowd the past five national tournament trail winners all used E10 in their boats. “Every winning team has used E10 with no issues with their engine. This year, we are excited to expand our efforts through 17 state chapters and grow the sport. Because of that, we are able to share the message of the many benefits of ethanol.”


To read Cooper’s full remarks, click here.