Sales Rep Login Tips

Sales Rep Login Tips

Are you a Sales Rep creating Yield Contest entries for your customers? If so, there are some solid reasons to use the Sales Rep hub.


The Sales Rep hub provides one-stop access of all your grower entrants’ contest activities and confirmations throughout the year. And once you have a grower profile established, that information is available year after year. No reason to reinvent the wheel. Avoid headaches and manage membership and entry fees though the Sales Rep hub.


Already have a Sales Rep Login? Login with your email address and personal password. Congratulations, the growers you created entries for in prior years are available to you – right there!


Need a Sales Rep Login? To get started, go to and select the SALES REP ENTER HERE* button to establish your login with your own email address and password you set.


Once your login is established, enter your grower’s membership number in the SEARCH field. The grower’s profile information will populate so you can confirm for accuracy. Select the ADD NEW ENTRY button to create their entry.


Don’t have the grower’s membership number? Call NCGA or email.


The grower isn’t an NCGA member?

  • Hold off on purchasing a new membership until you find out if their brand is in a voucher program that covers the cost.
  • First, let us check if your grower already has a member number.
  • If your grower doesn’t have a member number, we will create one. Be prepared to provide their full name, farm name (optional), mailing address, phone number and email address.
  • And if your grower had a member number from years gone by, we can reactivate a lapsed number and provide it to you.


If a hybrid falls under the Voucher program, some or all cost may be covered . Payment details will be included on the final entry confirmation. Keep copies of all the confirmations and proof for accuracy.