Nitrogen Management Class

Nitrogen Management Class

Thank you to the 2024 Nitrogen Management Class Sponsor!



The Corn Yield Contest Nitrogen Management pilot class will be open to the first 100 entries from the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin. Farmers in the pilot class will limit total nitrogen applications from non-field sources to 180 lbs. of actual nitrogen applied. The three highest-yielding entries in the class will be declared preliminary winners and confirmed as class winners after an NCGA verification of actual nitrogen applied.



  • Limitations on Nitrogen use: The total amount of nitrogen supplied by synthetic and biological sources, such as manures and compost, will be limited to a predetermined rate of 180 Ibs.
  • Limitations on previous crops: The field on which the yield contest entry is grown may have only been planted the previous year in corn, soybeans or wheat. A double crop system of wheat followed by soybeans is acceptable, as is a cover crop application after any of the eligible previous crops. Harvested forage crops seeded after the acceptable cash crops are also allowed. Companion cropping of cover crops is also allowed for the competition crop or previous crop. Corn cut for silage is acceptable.
  • Verification, Submission and Record Keeping: All inputs including fertilizer, pesticides, biological amendments and seed variety as well as tillage and cultural practices and previous crop must be recorded and submitted to NCGA with the contest application. Product labels and written records should be kept and provided upon request.

Please review the complete Class J rules in the Entry & Harvest Rules.



The nitrogen management class is a separate class from any existing vield contest classes. A farmer already
participating in a current corn yield class can submit a portion of the field (minimum of 10 acres) for the nitrogen class or a separate field can be submitted. 



“Verdesian Life Sciences is proud to sponsor the National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest as a part of its mission to increase nutrient use efficiency in agriculture.”


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