Illinois Field Notes

November 23, 2020

“Harvest turned out fairly well this year. Both our corn and soybean yields were above average. We still have 80 acres of beans left standing on reclaimed ground from coal mines. It has been very wet, and they will probably remain standing until next spring. We had a seven-inch rain, waited a few days to try and get back to harvesting. We got stuck with two combines stuck and had to inch out. I don’t trust reclaimed ground to freeze fully enough and to not give way in those conditions. We cut beans out there in the spring before and it didn’t turn out that badly.


“We have hauled all of the corn for our November contracts, and we’ve been working on cleaning our equipment to get it ready for winter. We probably have more corn in storage this year than ever before, and we have contracts for December and January. It will take a while to get the crop hauled and delivered.”


Jim Raben, Illinois farmer