Illinois and North Dakota Field Notes

July 20, 2020

Illinois and North Dakota Field Notes

Jul 20, 2020

Key Issues:Production

Author: Cathryn Wojcicki


“It has been hot and dry here with less than a tenth of an inch of rain in the past two weeks. The crops are really struggling. The corn looks like it could be okay right now, but it needs rain soon. The soybeans we had to replant, because it was too wet earlier, haven’t gotten rain, and probably won’t come up at all.”

– Jim Raben, Illinois farmer


“The corn acres that we did get planted look okay and are starting to tassel. The spots which weren’t water-logged in the spring look pretty good. If we can keep up the heat through August, the corn crop should turn out okay as we haven’t suffered for moisture to this point.”


– Randy Melvin, North Dakota farmer