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If you have any questions regarding the National Corn Yield Contest, need a membership number or are reporting a yield over 350 bushels please send an e-mail to and it will be answered as soon as possible. 


If there is an emergency and you must speak to someone in our office right away please call the after-hours phone number 314-606-2812.  Thank you for your patience.




Click here for the 2014 Entry and Harvest Rules Book


Harvest Deadline

November 21 or 7 days after harvest, whichever is first




Harvest Forms (PDF)


Supervisors please click here for the Supervisor Section.


2014 NCYC Rule Changes


Supervisor Rules



Yields 289.9999 or Less

Yields 290.0000 or Higher

Initial Check

One or two NCGA approved

supervisors completes the initial harvest.


One or two NCGA approved supervisors complete the initial harvest.



No recheck required.

Recheck is required with two NCGA approved supervisors.


Supervisors must consist of one supervisor from initial check and one new  NCGA approved supervisor




Two new NCGA approved supervisors.




All yields 350.0000 bushels or higher must contact the NCGA office before and after recheck at or 636-733-9004
Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 CST


** NCGA Approved Supervisors:  Supervisors who have been approved on the entry form, listed in the

     NCYC database or have been approved by an NCGA employee via phone call or e-mail.




Lasers Can Be Used to Measure Row Lengths


A laser can be used to measure only if the rows are straight and the field is flat.  Laser has to be able to hit point to point.  If the field has any kind of curve or slope to it, a laser cannot be used to measure. Checking laser calibration accuracy is recommended.





Click here for the 2013 National Corn Yield Contest Guide digital edition


Click here for a PDF of the 2013 National Corn Yield Contest - National Winners


Click here  for a PDF of the 2013 National Corn Yield Contest - State Winners


Click here for a PDF of the 2013 National Corn Yield Contest - All Contestants


Entries with an Asterisk (*): National Corn Yield Contest rules state that each individual membership is eligible to win only one national and one state trophy in the contest. If an entrant enters two or more hybrids and all place as a winner or runner-up, a trophy will be awarded only for the highest ranked (not necessarily highest yield) hybrid. We use the asterisk (*) to indicate that there is an entry under the same membership number that has placed higher and been awarded a trophy, which in turn knocks out the asterisked entries from being awarded a trophy.


For nearly a half century, NCGA’s National Corn Yield Contest has provided corn growers the opportunity to compete with their colleagues to grow the most corn per acre, helping feed and fuel the world. This has given participants not only the recognition they deserved, but the opportunity to learn from their peers.


Winners receive national recognition in publications such as the NCYC Corn Yield Guide, as well as cash trips or other awards from participating sponsoring seed, chemical and crop protection companies. In San Antonio, Texas, during the 2014 Commodity Classic, state winners will be recognized at the NCYC Breakfast and national winners will receive awards at the Awards Banquet.



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Click image for the 2012 National Corn Yield Contest Guide


Click here for the 2012 National Winners

Click here for the 2012 State Winners

Click here for 2012 All Contestants Ranking



Click here for the 2011 National Corn Yield Contest Guide 


Click here for the 2011 National Winners

Click here for the 2011 State Winners

Click here for 2011 All Contestants Ranking


2010 NCYC CoverClick here for the 2010 National Corn Yield Contest Guide