The Success in Stewardship Network Recognizes Good Farming

December 2, 2020

The Success in Stewardship Network Recognizes Good Farming

Dec 2, 2020

Key Issues:Sustainability

Author: Mark Lambert

The National Corn Growers Association wanted to make sure the new decade started with a bright spotlight shining on the sustainability renaissance underway in the U.S., and the launch of the Success in Stewardship Network did that in a big way.


NCGA and the Environmental Defense Fund formalized their relationship with a memorandum of understanding in 2020 on joint sustainability goals and have beat the drum loudly all year to recognize and accelerate the use of agricultural conservation practices on U.S. corn farms.


Farmers frequently bemoan the lack of public understanding regarding the positive change that has already occurred, and the accelerating move to sustainability still underway. The Network celebrates and connects the farmers and their programs that are already driving change with proven conservation practices and encourage the trend to continuous improvement.


The Success in Stewardship Network uses public recognition to foster and strengthen the ongoing culture of stewardship, including showcasing and increasing the conservation actions farmers and state and regional programs take in the name of continuous improvement and catalyze further growth.  This year, efforts recognized the stellar programs of the Illinois Corn Growers Association and the Minnesota Corn Growers Association.


A big part of the Network is encouraging individual farmers to step-up and tell their story of growing sustainability. The initiative has resulted in significant positive exposure to these stories with mixed audiences throughout the year.


For more information about the Network’s benefits and selection criteria, please contact For the latest on NCGA and EDF’s partnership, listen to this podcast.