A New Blueprint for Improving Ag Trade, Supply Chains and American Competitiveness

December 15, 2020

A New Blueprint for Improving Ag Trade, Supply Chains and American Competitiveness

Dec 15, 2020

Key Issues:Trade

Author: Liz Friedlander

NCGA joined American ag leaders from across the country at a virtual press conference today to release a new report on the challenges and solutions facing American agriculture on trade, supply chains and global competitiveness. The report, organized by Farmers for Free Trade and its membership, is the culmination of the summer’s AgTalks virtual town hall discussions with farmers, ag leaders and related industries including manufacturing and food producers and distributors.


NCGA Board Chairman Kevin Ross represented NCGA in today’s virtual press conference where he stressed the importance of biofuels like ethanol as a driver of the agriculture economy, opportunities for corn and corn product exports in Southeast Asia, and infrastructure modernization.


“There have been so many disruptions in agriculture in recent years, due to many different factors. AgTalks brought people together for conversations around trade and agriculture issues,” Ross said.


The AgTalks report will be released to the incoming Biden administration, Congressional offices and the general public at a time when the ag community is facing tremendous challenges, including the potential loss of a trade surplus it has enjoyed for decades.


The AgTalks town halls were led by agriculture leaders in Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Ross represented the organization during the Iowa event and NCGA Board Member Harold Wolle participated in the Minnesota town hall.


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