Updated Buyer’s Guides Provides Poultry Customers Around the World Information on the Value of American Poultry Products

November 2, 2020

Updated Buyer’s Guides Provides Poultry Customers Around the World Information on the Value of American Poultry Products

Nov 2, 2020

Key Issues:Animal Agriculture

Author: Julie Busse

The poultry industry alone consumes over 1,200 million bushels of corn, making our feathered friends the largest consumer of corn grain within the animal agriculture sector. As the top export product by volume for the U.S. meat market, it’s no surprise that poultry exports add $0.28 of value per corn bushel, equating to $4.1 billion in revenue.


“The USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) is excited to announce that our new and improved buyer’s guides have officially launched,” says Shelby Watson, USAPEEC Manager of Allied Industry Relations. “NCGA’s initiative to update our buyer’s guides came just in time as the Covid-19 pandemic rocked the world and highlighted the need for updated digital resources. The existing guides for chicken, turkey, and eggs were PDF resources, originally designed in 1996, detailing U.S. poultry product offerings and have been used at almost all of our trade and marketing activities to ease the buying process for our foreign buyers around the world. With products as diverse as their buyers, an effort was made to facilitate the buying process by describing the products, safety, and sustainability behind uncooked and prepared poultry products through the series of USAPEEC Buyer Guides.”


The Market Development Action Team approved funding to collaborate with USAPEEC to update the previously existing buyer guides. The funding updated the chicken, turkey, and egg buyer guides and is available on both computer and mobile-enabled browsers. Best of all, through the power of Google Translate, the webpages will be automatically translated into native languages around the world, helping to better serve our industry’s diverse customers.  


“This ongoing project has been a great testimonial to the power of relationships across the industry,” says corn grower Mike Beard, President of the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Vice President of the Indiana Corn Growers Association. “We know that our product is a great feedstuff for poultry diets because it’s low in fiber, making it the easiest grain product for poultry to digest. With so much of our product going to the poultry houses across the country, it’s important that we support that customer and demand segment while continuing to build upon our relationship with USAPEEC.”


Beard also serves as the USAPEEC Executive Committee Commodity Member-at-Large as well as a member of the Market Development Action Team within NCGA.


“With the support of NCGA and USB, the new and much-improved buyer’s guides are chocked full of information that can be accessed by importers around the world, 24/7,” Watson added. “We specifically placed a call to action in the design, encouraging importers to submit a trade lead right from the guide. These will be crucial resources for the U.S. poultry industry as this pandemic shapes the global economy and international business. We are grateful for this collaboration with our partners at NCGA and are proud to highlight the sustainability of U.S. corn. We are confident that these guides will be used as a platform not only to boast the high-quality of U.S. poultry and eggs but U.S. corn and soybean meal as well.”


Visit the new digital buyer guides below:

Click here for the chicken buyers guide.

Click here for the turkey buyers guide.

Click here for the egg buyers guide.


Or you can access them all under the buying and selling tab on the USAPEEC website: www.usapeec.org.