Reaching our Animal Ag Customers Through the Cattlemen’s Education Series

September 2, 2020

Reaching our Animal Ag Customers Through the Cattlemen’s Education Series

Sep 2, 2020

Key Issues:Animal Agriculture

Author: Julie Busse

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) is the sole sponsor of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Cattlemen’s Education Series (CES), engaging with cattle producers on production efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many grant-funded in-person events have been canceled, but fortunately, corn and cattle have been able to innovate new solutions aimed at connecting agriculturalists with the latest industry information.


“With many beef industry meetings being canceled due to Covid-19, producers like me are missing out on many of the educational opportunities presented at those meetings,” said former Nebraska corn producer and beef feeder Scott Schaneman. “However, the Cattlemen’s Webinar Series allows me to still be in the know with information that can help make my operation more profitable and sustainable. We appreciate the National Corn Growers for sponsoring events like these!”


So far this year, there have been 14 CES sessions, with four more planned for the remainder of the year. NCGA has reached more than 4,000 cattle producers through these sessions.


“The beef cattle industry consumes more than 1.2 billion bushels of corn, making it our largest animal agriculture customer,” said Market Development Action Team Chair Dan Wesely. “It is important for us to collaborate and support the cattle industry. This series is an opportunity to share research on the value of corn and corn-based feed ingredients provide within feed rations.”


NCGA staff and grower leaders participated in one of the recent webinars on health issues in mid to late fed cattle. You can view it here.


Additionally, the Market Development Action Team approved funding for a taping of the Cattlemen to Cattlemen segment on RFD-TV. The focus of the segment will be Beef and Corn, Working Together in a Sustainable Food System. Panelists will discuss the entire value chain from corn in cattle rations, ethanol DDG production, next-generation DDGS, production practices and how sustainability plays a role. 


Details on the air date will be released soon.