Engaging with the Companion Pet Industry by Promoting the Use of Corn in Pet Food and Packaging

September 28, 2020

Engaging with the Companion Pet Industry by Promoting the Use of Corn in Pet Food and Packaging

Sep 28, 2020

Key Issues:Animal Agriculture

Author: Julie Busse

There are many benefits of using corn in pet food, but the opportunity to utilize the corn kernel doesn’t end there. Corn is also a useful ingredient for the packaging of pet food. The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) shared that message with representatives from 40 countries at Petfood Forum CONNECT.


“Being able to share our story and engage with members of the pet food industry to let them know the versatility of corn is important to growing and expanding our reach within the industry,” said Market Development Manager Michael Granché. “When you have conversations with attendees, you sort of see the light bulb go off, and they connect the dots and realize the variety of ways corn can be utilized.”


NCGA sponsored an educational video, Rethinking the Role of Corn in the Pet Food Industry, which was a part of the ePoster series during the event, showcasing myths, the versatility of corn, and the nutritional benefits of corn in pet food.


“Last year, the Pet Food Forum attracted over 3,000 professionals from 38 countries, and this year, the virtual Pet Food Forum continued to provide exposure to a wide variety of industry professionals,” said Emily Koop, Market Development Coordinator for the Kansas Corn Growers Association. “Participating in this virtual event allowed us to share our story about the importance of corn in pet food diets and provide information about corn plastic for packaging. Consumers care about their pets, and by dispelling myths about corn and providing resources to the industry then consumers are better able to make an educated decision about including grains, such as corn, in their pet’s diet.”


Professionals from purchasing, nutrition, ingredient and processing technologies, food science, R&D, and more attend the forum. Topics covered at the forums included emerging trends in the industry, customer perceptions of product attributes, and pet food labeling.


You can learn more about corn in pet food and NCGA’s efforts at ncga.com/petfood.