Corn Checkoff Funded Curriculum Effort Filling the Virtual Learning Gap

August 7, 2020

Corn Checkoff Funded Curriculum Effort Filling the Virtual Learning Gap

Aug 7, 2020

Author: Mark Lambert

Another school year is rapidly approaching, and many teachers and parents will be looking for solid, professional teaching materials that lend themselves to a virtual classroom and meet state learning guidelines. National Corn Growers Association is here to help with a great program called Nourish the Future.


Nourish the Future is a national education initiative developed by science teachers for science teachers with the assistance of NCGA, the nation’s corn farmers and their state checkoff investment. The goal is to inspire a network of educators to foster critical thinking, connect students to modern agriculture, and provide sound science-based resources that meet teachers’ and students’ needs in the classroom.


So, if you want to fire young minds have them tackle a real-world issue like:


How does climate affect global food supply?

How do food producers steward soil and water quality?

How are science, engineering and technology helping modern food production?

How can renewable resources open future possibilities in sustainability?

How can we feed an ever-growing population and establish food security?


How does science connect with agriculture?

Agriculture is a vital partner in engaging students with STEM concepts in ways that directly and indirectly impact their lives and Nourish the Future helps kids learn how science connects with agriculture. Not only does teaching ag-based curriculum in the science classroom inspire students to solve real-world science issues, reaching students is critical to address the job gap in agriculture-related careers, many of which are going unfilled.


Teachers and parents can get free hands-on lessons addressing current topics in science. They also provide free professional development events that foster connections between industry and the classroom, giving teachers an opportunity to experience the engaging curriculum and receive classroom supplies. These events will be offered at both the regional and national levels.

Nourish the Future also invests in teacher leaders from across the country, providing them with opportunities to enhance their teaching skills, develop inquiry-based lessons, learn more about agriculture-related educational paths and careers, and build a professional network of teachers and industry experts from other states.


If you know an excellent teacher, we would love to answer their questions, connect them with great resources, and have them join our community of educators! For more info, contact Robyn Allscheid at NCGA or Heather Bryan at, NCGA’s education partner.