Use Crop Protection Products Safely and Responsibly

April 29, 2020

Use Crop Protection Products Safely and Responsibly

Apr 29, 2020

Key Issues:Sustainability

Author: Mark Lambert

Deciding how to manage weeds, insects, and diseases that routinely attack crops and landscapes is just one of many decisions farmers and applicators must make each season. When choosing crop protection tools, both effectiveness and potential impact on the environment must be considered.


Protecting bees and other wildlife is a major part of good stewardship practices and why the National Corn Growers Association supports the efforts of Growing Matters and the BeSure Campaign.


Neonicotinoids are important because they are a key part of the integrated pest-management systems used by many farmers. Neonics are selective, effective, and safe for the environment when used correctly and according to label instruction. They also help increase yields and are good for the economy and allows farmers to meet society's needs for corn without farming additional acres.


As you head to the field in the days ahead, please read the label to minimize potential exposure of neonics to bees and wildlife. Safe use, handling, storage and disposal is also a factor in your own personal safety.


So, this growing season BeSure to remember to make safe handling and use of treated seed and neonics a priority.