Sustainability Focus Continues to Grow at NCGA

March 31, 2020

Sustainability Focus Continues to Grow at NCGA

Mar 31, 2020

Key Issues:Sustainability

Author: Mark Lambert

A new Corn Sustainability Advisory Group (CSAG) met recently to discuss how NCGA can focus on corn sustainability and advise the NCGA board on how to proactively tell corn’s positive story of change and constant improvement.


The group made up of farmer representation of NCGA’s Ethanol, Market Development, Sustainable Ag Research and Stewardship Action Teams, NCGA staff, and state corn staff – will also work toward building consumer trust and growing competitive market demand by offering a broad view of NCGA’s current initiatives as well as establishing goals for the future.


“We have a lot going on organizationally that links directly or indirectly to sustainability. CSAG will work to help to identify areas for strengthening, integration and expansion,” said Rachel Orf, NCGA director of Sustainability. “We will also step up our engagement with corn sector partners and value chain members to identify mutual goals, opportunities for collaboration and bring more cohesion to our efforts.”


The group's first meeting was designed to be immersive, taking stock of what is being done by NCGA, state corn groups, other ag groups, industry and other players throughout the value chain. In its inaugural meeting, the group visited with the American Feed Industry Association, Cargill, Renewable Fuels Association and the National Cotton Council.