Meet the FY20 Corn Board Candidates: Russell Braun

June 17, 2019

Meet the FY20 Corn Board Candidates: Russell Braun

Jun 17, 2019

Author: Mary Quigley

This article is part of a series profiling candidates for the 2020 Corn Board.


Over the past six years, Russell Braun has seen how the economic downturn in agriculture has impacted corn farmers. Seeing Corn Board service as a way to actively create the changes needed to keep the industry that he is passionate about vibrant, he hopes to continue his service as a member of the National Corn Growers Association Corn Board.


Having served in a variety of capacities, Braun currently works as a member of the NCGA Ethanol Action Team at the national level. Through these experiences, he has developed insight into the skills needed to serve in this capacity effectively.


“A good leader needs to do a lot of listening and, at the same time, the ability to speak up when a subject needs more attention,” said Braun. “If a leader sees that something is not going the way it should, they need to raise that issue to create a discussion that allows others to see the issue from another angle. Then, by coming to a consensus as a group, you can move forward.”


Given the current economic situation, Braun would make finding markets for U.S. corn and efficiencies for farmers top priorities if elected. He is particularly passionate about the possibility of high octane, low carbon fuel standard, which he sees as a win-win for farmers and consumers. At the same time, he views gaining more widespread public and governmental acceptance of scientific information important to agriculture as an important struggle for NCGA to tackle.


Recently, NCGA’s Off the Cob podcast series sat down with Braun to discuss the most important topics, from what inspires such service to his goals for the organization and to gain his perspectives on leadership.


To listen to the full interview, click here.