World Trade Month

May 1, 2019

May is World Trade Month and NCGA is using the occasion to highlight the importance of trade for future profitability and global food security. NCGA has a deeply-rooted policy of working to eliminate barriers to trade, supporting market development and promoting a transportation infrastructure that moves grain efficiently.


Exports of grains in all forms provide critical support across the economy, offering billions in direct and indirect economic benefits to farmers and rural communities. Exports of corn in all forms support 33 percent of corn farmer incomes.


In the 2016/2017 crop marketing year, the United States exported nearly 120 million metric tons of feed grains in all forms (GIAF), translating into roughly 4.75 billion bushels or a third of U.S. production. Feed grains in all forms include corn, barley and sorghum and products made with them as inputs including the corn equivalent of co-products like ethanol, DDGS and corn gluten feed/meal as well as beef, pork and poultry meat exports.


This is why NCGA has made securing passage of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) the organization’s top policy priority for 2019 and is focusing new energy on trade negotiations with Japan. Cementing our relationship with our North American partners is critical.


If you haven’t already, Take Action!, and tell Congress to pass USMCA.  Learn more about NCGA and trade.


Value of Trade Map