NCGA Statement on USDA Trade Aid

(Posted Tue. Jul 24th, 2018)

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North Dakota farmer Kevin Skunes, president of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), made the below statement following this afternoon’s USDA announcement of an aid package for farmers negatively impacted by trade tariffs and ongoing trade uncertainty.   “NCGA appreciates the Administration’s recognition of the harm to producers caused by tariffs and trade uncertainty. The fine print will be important. We know the package won’t make farmers whole but look forward to working with USDA on the details and implementation of this plan.   “NCGA’s grower members are confronting their fifth consecutive year of declining farm incomes while facing high levels of uncertainty due to ongoing trade disputes and disruptions in the ethanol markets. Corn farmers prefer to rely on markets, not an aid package, for their livelihoods.   “NCGA will continue to advocate for Administrative actions including: rescinding the section 232 and 301 tariffs; securing NAFTA’s future; entering new...

(Posted Wed. May 29th, 2013)

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May 29: With the window to respond to the 2012 Census of Agriculture officially closing on May 31, the National Corn Growers Association reminds farmers not to miss this opportunity to be counted and help determine the future of farming in America. USDA has already received more than 2 million completed census forms. “It is imperative that farmers speak up and ensure that they are accurately represented, and the Census of Agriculture provides a unique opportunity for us to do so,” said NCGA President Pam Johnson. “The information compiled this year will impact the agricultural community for half of a decade with the data the Census provides influencing how USDA and the Congress perceive agriculture and thus how rules and regulations are written. I strongly urge every farmer and rancher to act quickly if they have not already done so and play an active role in securing the future of our industry.” The Census of Agriculture, conducted only once every five years, is the only source...

(Posted Fri. May 10th, 2013)

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May 10: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s announcement today that it will prepare a full environmental impact statement regarding certain herbicide-resistant crops is bad news for corn farmers, the National Corn Growers Association said. “NCGA is extremely disappointed in USDA’s decision to require a full environmental impact statement for a much-needed corn biotechnology trait,” said NCGA President Pam Johnson. “Particularly troubling in today’s decision was that this trait has languished in USDA’s regulatory system for nearly four years. Despite this longer-than-normal review, USDA failed to provide any new scientific justification for requiring a full EIS versus the normal environmental assessment.” Growers need new herbicide products in corn, soy and cotton to manage weed pressure and limit their environmental footprint while helping ensure we can meet all needs for food, feed and fuel, Johnson said. This is why NCGA has promoted weed resistance management among corn...

(Posted Thu. Mar 28th, 2013)

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Mar. 28: American farmers expect to plant 145,000 more acres of corn in 2013, a slight increase from 2012, according the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Prospective Plantings report released today. If realized, it will be the highest corn planting in the United States since 1937, when 97.2 million acres were planted. In recent years, the record corn planting was in the spring of 2012 when U.S. growers planted 97.155 million acres. “While farmers struggled with drought last year, they remain resilient and dedicated to producing an abundant corn crop in 2013,” National Corn Growers Association First Vice President Martin Barbre said. “This report shows that the innovative American farmer understands the increasing global demands of corn for food, feed, fuel and fiber and that they see the importance of meetings those needs.” The USDA’s estimate for 2013 is for 97.3 million acres to be planted in field corn. Assuming the five-year average 91 percent harvest rate holds and the...

(Posted Mon. Feb 11th, 2013)

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Feb. 11: Our nation’s farmers will harvest a record 14.4 billion bushels of corn this year, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture report released earlier today. The realization of this projection, which assumes the planting of 96 million acres and a national average yield of 163.5 bushels per acre, would require a return to more favorable weather patterns.“The projections released by USDA this morning inspire cautious optimism for the upcoming year,” said National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson, a farmer from Floyd, Iowa. “While the promise of a record crop certainly inspires farmers recovering from a difficult year, we have seen what would have been bumper crops wither in our fields. With a renewed spirit, U.S. corn farmers will enter the planting season with optimism tempered with a steady determination to do our best to provide an abundant, quality crop.”In 2012, drought severely impacted the U.S. corn crop, which totaled 10.78 billion bushels. Should the...