(Posted Mon. Jun 24th, 2013)

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June 24: The National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson issued a statement expressing the association’s support for the Supreme Court decision today not to hear the petroleum industry’s appeal in E15-related case: “In their decision today, the court upheld not only the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to approve a partial waiver and allow E15 into the marketplace; it also upheld our nation’s science-based approach to regulation and the importance of consumer choice. With this issue resolved, the ethanol industry can move forward, providing a renewable, environmentally friendly fuel choice to consumers."   The original lawsuit from which the appeal came was filed by the American Petroleum Institute claiming that the EPA did not have the authority to grant waivers allowing the use of E15, a 15 percent ethanol fuel blend, in 2001 and newer vehicles. API was eventually joined in this suit by a group of engine manufacturers and food groups.   In August of...

(Posted Wed. May 22nd, 2013)

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May 22: As public awareness of the many economic and energy security benefits ethanol offers continues to grow, demand for higher blends of ethanol is also on the rise. This month, Wisconsin became the sixth state to offer E15 as a fuel option for consumers. With E15 already available in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota, American drivers now have more choices at the fuel pump across a greater portion of the country. “Decisions by the EPA opened the door for broader E15 availability, and fuel station operators in many areas see how much sense E15 makes for both many drivers and our country as a whole,” said NCGA Ethanol Committee Chairman Chad Willis, a farmer from Minnesota. “E15 has undergone some of the most extensive testing ever performed and proven that it offers a reliable, green option. Whether on the track at NASCAR races or on the road in America’s cars, E15 helps reduce pollution and our dependence of foreign fuels.” E15, which is a fuel blend of 15...