(Posted Mon. Aug 12th, 2013)

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Aug. 12: Despite slight decreases in the forecasts for overall production and national yield, U.S. farmers are still on track to produce a record corn crop, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates released today. The projected harvest of 13.8 billion bushels of corn fell 187 million bushels from the forecast a month prior as the first survey-based yield forecast fell to 154.4 bushels per acre. If this forecasts is realized, U.S. corn farmers would far exceed the production record set in 2009 of 13.09 billion bushels.   “Despite planting delays and somewhat cool, wet conditions across much of the Corn Belt, farmers have worked diligently to grow the best crop possible,” said National Corn Growers Association First Vice President Martin Barbre, a farmer from Carmi, Ill. “We are pleased to see that this work is coming to fruition in many of the fields surveyed by the USDA in order to produce this forecast. Farmers merge cutting-edge technology and ever-improving...

(Posted Mon. Jun 17th, 2013)

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June 17: With U.S. corn planting complete, the crop is maturing well and continues to appear in good condition according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released today. Since last week, corn emergence rose by seven points to 92 percent, only trailing the five-year average by only five points despite planting delays. “Farmers are watching the weather and monitoring crop progress closely in the hopes that favorable conditions will help plants thrive despite planting delays,” said National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson, a grower in Iowa. “Early season weather always leads to speculation about the potential size of a year’s crop, but the remainder of the summer’s circumstances play the crucial role in determining how much spring plantings will yield.” Corn emergence continued to close the gap on the five-year average, with overall emergence shown on 92 percent of the total corn acres in the top 18 corn-producing states by June 16. The lags behind the...

(Posted Mon. Apr 22nd, 2013)

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Apr. 22: Cool, wet conditions again delayed planting progress across most of the country according to a report released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. With only four percent of total corn acres planted by April 21, progress lags far behind this time last year when 26 percent of U.S. corn acres were already in the ground and now trails the five-year average for this point by 12 percentage points. Last week, planting progress was only five percentage points off the five-year average. “It is still early in the planting season and slow progress at this point should not cause alarm,” said National Corn Growers Association First Vice President Martin Barbre, a grower in Illinois. ”In 2012, we saw how quickly rapid planting progress can wither away under a hot, dry summer sky. The precipitation may be keeping farmers out of the fields for now, but it is providing much needed moisture in many cases. In 2011, I had nothing planted and 3,000 acres under water on May 3, and I...