(Posted Tue. Jul 22nd, 2014)

The National Corn Growers Association reminds farmers that less than two weeks remain to register for NCGA’s National Corn Yield Contest. While the August 1 deadline may seem distant, growers can register quickly and easily today using the online entry form.  


“With only days left, take a little time this week to register for the contest,” said Production and Stewardship Action Team Chair Don Glenn. “We all know how hectic life can become so quickly. By entering now, you can check one more important item off of your to-do list. The data we gain from the contest every year is important, because it helps us develop the production practices of tomorrow. I hope those who haven’t entered before consider becoming NCGA members and trying their hand at high-yield techniques as contest entrants in 2014.”


To enter today using the online form, click here


Entry will remain open through August 1. All harvest forms will be due by November 21. Contest winners will be announced on December 19.


NCGA also reminds farmers that there have been updates to the rules for the 2014 National Corn Yield Contest. In addition to moving to a solely online entry platform, contest rules have been revised to further ensure contest integrity while also accommodating for technological advances to make participation easier.


In an effort to accommodate changing technology, NCGA will allow the use of lasers to measure row lengths beginning this year. Notably, a laser may only be used to measure if the rows of the harvest plot are straight and the field is flat. The laser must be able to hit point to point. If the field has any type of curve or slope, a laser may not be used to measure it for contest purposes. It is recommended supervisors verify the calibration accuracy of any lasers used.


In addition to the aforementioned change, changes have been made to the rules dictating supervisor presence and duties as well.


For entries with yields of 289.9999 bushels per acre or less, one or two NCGA approved supervisors will complete the initial harvest check. No recheck will be required. For yields of 290 bushels per acre or higher, one or two NCGA approved supervisors will complete the initial harvest check, but a recheck is required. This recheck must be conducted by two NCGA approved supervisors. While one supervisor from the initial check may be used for the recheck, one new NCGA approved supervisor must also conduct the recheck. The use of two NCGA approved supervisors not involved in the initial check for the recheck is also permissible. Entries with yields of 350 bushels per acre or higher must notify the NCGA office by e-mail at ncyc@ncga.com or by phone at (636) 733-9004 before and after the recheck.


Finally, contest rules now require the supervisor(s) involved in all yield checks, whether initial or a recheck, must initial all weigh tickets submitted as part of the harvest forms for contest entries.


For access to contest information and a detailed list of the entry and harvest rules, click here.