NCGA Heads South for Sunbelt Ag Expo

(Posted Thu. Oct 16th, 2014)

Representatives from the National Corn Growers Association, including President Chip Bowling, are taking part in the Sunbelt Ag Expo this week in southern Georgia. Billed the premier farm show in the nation, the expo draws more than 100,000 growers each year from all over the Southeast.


“When you look at the landscape from Maryland south and west to Texas, you will see nearly 50,000 farms growing corn,” Bowling told members of the media gathered for a kickoff breakfast. “And you will see more than 6,500 NCGA members.  This past spring, farmers in this region planted 9.35 million acres in corn, and they are harvesting about 1.3 billion bushels. In addition to our member corn farmers, there are so many others who share many of our concerns, about unwarranted federal government intrusion … about activists attacking many of the crops we grow … and about phony experts who think they have better ideas about farming than we do.”


Among those stopping by the NCGA booth at the booth was U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden, who grew up on a Georgia peanut farm and maintains strong ties to her home state and its farmers. In meetings with farmers and others at the NCGA booth, Bowling spoke of the wide range of NCGA programs and encouraged them to get involved. He also wanted to hear from them about the specific challenges they face. He was joined by leadership from Georgia Corn Growers.


“It’s important for all of us, whether we grow corn or cotton, poultry or peanuts, to work together,” Bowling said. “We’re here to learn from the growers here.”