(Posted Tue. Mar 24th, 2015)

NCGA Agribusiness Council Cultivates Cooperation on Key Issues


Last week, representatives from agribusinesses gathered with National Corn Growers Association leadership in Washington for NCGA’s Agri-Industry Council’s biannual meeting.  Over the course of two days, attendees received updates on key NCGA programs, heard from several outside speakers and discussed topics of special importance to the entire agricultural community.


“The discussion in AIC meetings helps NCGA fulfill its mission of creating and maintaining opportunities for corn growers,” said NCGA Chairman and AIC Co-Chair Martin Barbre. “Only through sharing NCGA’s position throughout the industry will we make our voices loud enough to reach the best possible outcomes for growers as we face an ever-changing political landscape.”


Dr. Keith H. Coble, Giles Distinguished Professor at Mississippi State University, presented an overview of the federal crop insurance system. Covering important information about key farm bill programs, his insight helped on the group better understand the risk management tools on which farmers rely. The group also discussed important issues facing the corn sector including ethanol and the current regulatory environment.


While there, participants also had the opportunity to attend a joint reception and dinner featuring guest speaker Alex Castellanos, a political strategist and analyst for CNN. Castellanos provided his views on the continuing gridlock in Washington and a preview of contenders for the 2016 presidential race.


The group will meet again in August.


NCGA’s AIC works to ensure stakeholders throughout the industry exchange information on key issues and work collectively to ensure fair and equitable policies that foster continued growth.  To learn more about NCGA, please visit