(Posted Wed. Dec 11th, 2013)

Dec. 10: This week, the National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Board, Action Teams and Committees will convene in St. Louis to delve into the issues and opportunities that will affect corn farmers across the country during the coming year. 


Gaining information from presentations by leaders from industry and government, the team members will explore possible changes to team policies and activities that could help their respective programs improve efforts to create and maintain opportunities for growers. Additionally, they will help NCGA update the strategic plan that governs the association’s policies and programs for the next several years.


“I am continually inspired by the dedication to agriculture that our farmer leaders show as a whole and by the depth of subject area knowledge they bring to team discussions,” said NCGA President Martin Barbre.  “By dividing the variety of issues facing our industry into subject areas, we allow growers to delve deeply into a single area and gain more nuanced insight.  Together, our leadership can then tackle each subject with a full understanding of its intricacies and lend that perspective to policy development.”


The NCGA’s action teams and committees define, implement and measure program actions in their areas of expertise – trade policy and biotechnology, ethanol, public policy, production and stewardship, research and business development, and grower services.  Each meets separately to listen to speakers pertinent to their charge and to discuss recommendations for fine tuning of their policies which designated team liaisons will report back to the Corn Board for consideration.