APRIL 2015


(Posted Tue. Apr 7th, 2015)

The National Corn Growers Association invites farmers to become a part of the change they desire by actively honing their leadership skills through two leadership programs co-sponsored by Syngenta. Deadlines loom for these programs, and growers must be nominated by their state corn association. 


Leadership At Its Best


Open to all NCGA membership, Leadership At Its Best provides training to interested volunteers of all skill levels.  The first session, held in August in Minneapolis, Minn., addresses personal communications skills, public speaking and association management.  The second session, which will be held in January 2016, addresses public policy issues, working with the Hill and parliamentary procedure.  Through this program, participants build the skill set needed to become a more confident public speaker with a solid background in the procedures and processes used by NCGA and many state organizations.


With applications due April 10, interested members should contact their state associations now for further information and get completed applications in to state offices by April 8. Participants must be registered members of NCGA.  Those interested should contact their state corn organization which will submit nominees for the programs.



Click here for contact information for NCGA's state affiliates.



Advanced Leadership


NCGA also invites graduates of the Leadership At Its Best Program the opportunity to further refine their leadership skills through the Advanced Leadership Program. With two sessions, Advanced Leadership provides intensive training that will hone their media, leadership and lobbying skills, and prepare participants to lead the industry.


Advanced Leadership training aims to help develop top-notch state and national leadership that is empowered to elevate the leaders around them within the industry and their communities. States may nominate two applicants, one as a primary candidate and one alternate. Nominees must be a member of NCGA, a graduate of Leadership at Its Best, and about to assume, or already in, a senior national or state leadership post.


The first session of the Advanced Leadership will take place in Greensboro, N.C., in September. During this session, participants will focus on leadership and communications skills and association management. The second session, held in January 2016, in Washington D.C., will include rigorous media training, a deeper review of key public policy issues and a focus on communicating with consumers.


Participants must be registered members of NCGA.  Those interested should contact their state corn organization, which will submit nominees for the program, by May 1.