APRIL 2015


(Posted Thu. Apr 16th, 2015)

Fans of the World of Corn interested in a similar resource in metric measurements can now access this information online. Posted this week, the National Corn Growers Association’s World of Corn Metric Edition provides a look at corn production, use and offers a historical comparison in a compendium piece tailored for audiences more familiar with metric measure. This statistical look at the corn industry, both domestic and worldwide, features a wide array of information on corn production and usage.


To view the metric edition, click here.


The original World of Corn, released in February, is also available on the site. With an easy “share” function, users can now download high resolution files for all graphs to share on social media or for use in presentations.


In addition to the traditional statistics guide, this year’s distribution included two compendium pieces which highlight the benefits of two of the hottest topics in corn today – ethanol and biotechnology. Digital versions of both pieces are also available on the site.


To explore the World of Corn online, click here.


World of Corn is a respected collection of the most important statistics about corn production, exports and consumption, providing key information in a readable format, comparing numbers and trends across the years. 

This year’s publication, which was generously co-sponsored by Monsanto, was distributed in select Farm Futures publications and at the 2015 Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona.