JULY 2014

Corn Board Candidate Zimmerman Brings Passion and Perspective to Leadership

(Posted Thu. Jul 3rd, 2014)

This article and podcast are the ninth and final editions in a series profiling candidates for the 2015 Corn Board.


Jim Zimmerman has delved deeply into multifaceted, quickly evolving issues as chair of the National Corn Growers Association Trade Policy and Biotechnology Action Team. A passionate leader whose disposition pushes him to delve deeply into the opinions and facts surrounding each new issue, he now seeks expand his service to America’s farmers as a member of the NCGA Corn Board.


Zimmerman chose to run for election to the Corn Board because he sees serving on the board as a tremendous opportunity to help lead NCGA as it creates and increases opportunities for corn growers. In this capacity, he would diligently listen to the grassroots, while gauging industry sentiment, in considering each issue. Contributing this well-considered insight, Jim would work to build consensus in making decisions which would benefit the corn industry.


“My interest in serving on the Corn Board stems from my deep respect for NCGA and the work that it has accomplished,” he explained. ”As a Corn Board member, I will work hard to bring a big-picture view to discussions, to engage all stakeholders and to garner lasting support for and cooperation around our work. I am willing to ask the tough questions and persevere through adversity to get real results that build a brighter future for my fellow farmers.”


If elected, Zimmerman hopes to use the knowledge, insights and relationships that he has cultivated as an action team lead to further NCGA’s mission. As a Corn Board member, he would prioritize the defense of the RFS, implementation of a farm bill with effective risk management tools, improved trade and acceptance of corn grown using biotech traits, and improvement of our nation’s infrastructure.


“The current NCGA format provides an excellent vehicle for success,” he said. “In the coming years, I believe that protecting the RFS and gaining public acceptance of biotechnology will both be critical. Working together, with the benefit of the focused attention provided by the action teams and committees, we can grow opportunities and a brighter future for farmers and consumers alike.”


Zimmerman farms corn, soybeans and wheat in east central Wisconsin. A strong advocate for innovation in agriculture, his operation utilizes precision farming techniques and no-till/strip-till practices. In addition to his farm, he runs a 550,000-bushel grain storage facility, holding a state grain dealer license and a federal warehouse license.


Currently, Zimmerman chairs the NCGA Trade Policy and Biotechnology Action Team. He also serves as a director for the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board and an advisor to the Integrated Pest and Crop Management Program. Formerly, he served as president of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.


To listen to the full interview with Zimmerman, click here.


The NCGA Corn Board election takes place during Corn Congress on July 16 in Washington.