JULY 2014

Corn Board Candidate Paul Taylor Brings Innovative, Strategic Approach to Discussions

(Posted Wed. Jul 2nd, 2014)

This article and podcast are the eighth in a series profiling candidates for the 2015 Corn Board.


Paul Taylor has worked tirelessly for his fellow farmers, bringing a unique point of view and thoughtful insight to discussions as a member of the Corn Board. Having completed his current term of service, he now seeks to continue his work by gaining reelection to the National Corn Growers Association Corn Board.


Taylor is running for reelection to the Corn Board because he has gained a passion for serving his neighbors and NCGA’s broader membership that was fostered by his prior service and attendance of NCGA events including Corn Congress and Commodity Classic. While participating in the Leadership at Its Best program and the Advanced Leadership program, he developed a deep respect for the level of professionalism exhibited by NCGA spokespersons and of the level of respect afforded them in both commodity and political circles. Thus, he strongly desires to contribute his skills and experience developed over a lifetime of agricultural organization involvement to help further advance the organization’s success.


“NCGA board members should continue the association’s tradition of acting as a federation of state corn grower organizations,” he said in explaining his thoughts on Corn Board leadership. “They should strive to initiate strong leadership in the issues facing corn farmers either through surfacing and developing those ideas, actions and relationships through the action teams and leadership networks or supporting state initiatives as they are advanced.”


As a Corn Board candidate, Taylor hopes to continue sharing his experience in relationship-building and the perspective he has gained through leadership outside of traditional agricultural circles to the association. As a current member, he strives to serve the industry as a team player with innovative and critical thinking in a manner that is both consistent and professional.


 “If the size of our corn crop continues to grow, we are going to have to build upon NCGA’s excellent track record and work to build ever-larger markets,” he said. “We know that the population will grow. We know that there are great opportunities in biofuels. We know that some things will happen by attrition. But, we also know that political obstacles can get in the way. We have to tell our story, which is incredibly positive, if we are to overcome those obstacles and reach the industry’s full potential.”


Taylor continues a farming tradition on land which has been in his family for nearly 100 years in northern Illinois. There, he raises corn, seed corn, food-grade non-GMO soybeans and canning vegetables for Del Monte, including sweet corn, lima beans and green peas. While he no longer raises livestock personally, he continues to value that component of our agricultural system.


In addition to his current role on the Corn Board, Taylor currently serves on NCGA’s Association Relations Committee and as the association’s representative to 25x’25. In the past, he has served as vice chair of the NCGA Ethanol Committee and as president of the Illinois Corn Growers Association and Wisconsin Soybean Association.


To listen to the full interview with Paul Taylor, click here.


The NCGA Corn Board election takes place during Corn Congress on July 16 in Washington.