APRIL 2014


(Posted Tue. Apr 22nd, 2014)


The National Corn Growers Association hosted German Farmers Union Dairy Unit Head Dr. Simon Schlueter and German agricultural news specialist Rudi-Michael Wienecke today for discussions on the interaction between industry, government and farmers in the United States. In addition to the broader overall discussion, NCGA staff answered policy questions related to U.S. farm policy, ethanol and transportation.


“As always, we are glad to welcome international visitors interested in learning about our nation’s agricultural industry,” said NCGA Vice President of Production and Utilization Paul Bertels. “The open discussions and productive dialogue provided an accurate, honest portrayal of American agriculture that will certainly be amplified as the visitors share their perspective back home.”


NCGA Vice President of Production and Utilization Paul Bertels and Director of Biotechnology and Economic Analysis Nathan Fields answered questions relating to the similarities and differences between agricultural associations in the two countries with particular attention to the role commodity specific associations such as NCGA play in the United States.


“U.S. corn farmers benefit when we have open, honest communications with our international partners,” said Fields. “Visits such as this provide a chance to advance understanding of their industry abroad. America’s farmers have an incredible story to tell. By working toward continuous improvement on their farms and cooperatively moving toward shared goals, they have created a unique industry that sparks interest around the world.”


This visit was part of an U.S. agricultural tour organized by the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program.