(Posted Thu. Sep 19th, 2013)

Sept. 19:  Following the success of the Food Dialogues event series, the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers and some of its affiliates have kicked off a series of regional events to bring communities together to talk about food and farm issues. Today, two events took place in Columbia, Mo., and Raleigh, N.C.


The first event, in North Carolina, was held in conjunction with the North Carolina Animal Agriculture Coalition.  The first panel discussed the importance of consumer choice in the marketplace, including organic and conventionally grown foods, and the use of science and biotechnology in food production. The second panel focused on farming in North Carolina, why many farms look and operate much differently than they did just 30 years ago, and the complexity of the food production process.


The Food Dialogues: Missouri, hosted by Missouri Farmers Care, was held later in the afternoon and featured a panel on livestock handling and issues related that have arisen in recent years. The second panel was on the need for conventional and organic agriculture to work together to meet consumer demands.


“We’re very proud to be part of USFRA and bring the conversation about food and farming from our fields to homes across America,” said NCGA Corn Board member Mike Geske, a Missouri corn farmer and member of USFRA’s board of directors. “These regional events help us spread the dialogue so we can hear from more people and share our stories about farming and ranching.”


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