(Posted Thu. Nov 8th, 2012)

NCGA First Vice President Martin Barbre at NAFBNov. 8:  At the annual convention of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting this week in Kansas City, Mo., officers of the National Corn Growers Association took part in numerous media interviews on a wide range of subjects, such as the election results, the farm bill, the 2012 drought and the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard.


“This annual convention of farm broadcasters always provides us the opportunity to reach audiences across America’s heartland,” said NCGA President Pam Johnson, a farmer in Floyd, Iowa. “Because they are so knowledgeable and concerned about American agriculture, farm broadcasters always ask smart and relevant questions and help us reach a large and important audience.”


Also on hand for media interviews were NCGA First Vice President Martin Barbre, a corn farmer in Carmi, Ill., and NCGA Vice President for Public Policy Jon Doggett. NCGA has long supported the National Association of Farm Broadcasting, Johnson noted, and it looks to the farm broadcasters to help educate the public about the importance of today’s agriculture.


“Despite drought, hurricane, partisan politics and government debt, we remain fundamentally optimistic about our future,” Johnson said at the convention’s welcome reception, which was sponsored by NCGA. “The farm sector provides the basic resources for food and energy and will succeed; not just because people have to eat, but because so many people, people who are now far removed from their farming ancestors, want to know more about their food. And this means the opportunity for us to tell our story.”