(Posted Tue. Nov 20th, 2012)

Nov 20: With the failure of a California ballot initiative to require labeling of some foods with biotech ingredients, the National Corn Growers Association reiterated its support of federal efforts to provide guidance for voluntary labeling that indicates whether goods have been developed using biotechnology.


“We were pleased voters in California saw through this misleading campaign,” NCGA President Pam Johnson said. “Roughly 70 percent of food in the grocery store contains a biotech ingredient.  We know this effort won’t be the last to try and mandate labeling, but it is a significant step in the right direction.”


Proposition 37 would have forced farmers, food producers and grocers to implement record keeping and labeling mandates that no other state or country requires. They would also be forced to keep special records for tens of thousands of products in order to prove whether or not the products contain biotech ingredients.


In 2012, biotech acres made up 88 percent of all corn planted in the United States. Biotechnology is an important tool to help farmers meet the expanding needs of food, feed and fuel both here and abroad.