(Posted Thu. Aug 2nd, 2012)

Aug. 2: Membership at the National Corn Growers Association continues to climb. This July, NCGA’s membership hit an all-time record of 38,369 members. The previous record of 37,447 members was reached just the month before in June.


“NCGA’s record membership numbers are not only a testament to the popularity of our activities and member benefits but also a reflection of the growing interest of farmers to have a greater say in crafting legislation and regulations that impact their livelihood,” said NCGA Grower Services Action Team Chair Brandon Hunnicutt. “Representing the voting power of over 38,000 farmer members means something on Capitol Hill when you are fighting to secure an equitable farm bill or preserve the Renewable Fuels Standard.”


Throughout NCGA’s history, grassroots efforts have been the strength and driving force behind the organization.


“If it’s an NCGA program, you can be assured that farmers thought of it, organized it and implemented it so that the broadest corn growing geography and greatest number of corn farmers could benefit,” stated Hunnicutt. “Success in agriculture is bolstered by the farmer-to-farmer networks that sustain and grow membership, political effectiveness, operational expertise and friendships.”




NCGA has members across the contiguous United States. It is part of a federation in cooperation with grower associations and checkoff boards from 28 states, and represents over 300,000 growers who contribute corn checkoff funds in their states.


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