JUNE 2012


(Posted Thu. Jun 28th, 2012)

Mike Geske Corn Board CandidateFifth in a series profiling candidates for the 2013 Corn Board. 


June 28: Speaking with current Corn Board member Mike Geske, it quickly becomes apparent that he has chosen to run for another term because he truly loves the work involved.


“It is a passion and love of the job,” said Geske.  “I started years ago when I first realized how important the decisions being made off of farms were to farmers. Someone had told me that if you aren’t making those decisions, then someone else is making them for you. So, I decided to get involved.  It is a big responsibility, but it is also such an enjoyable job. You get to see big results and realize that you are helping not only just yourself, but also many others.”


Geske has found working for the benefit of corn farmers, both at the state and national levels, fulfilling.  As he places a strong emphasis on the responsibility each person has to give back to their profession, he hopes to continue his service on the Corn Board, helping to make decisions that will further the advancement of the industry as a whole.  Looking forward, he sees both the importance and nuance of this charge.


“When you look at NCGA’s mission statement, basically it directs the organization to maintain and promote the profitability of corn farming,” Geske explained. “That is a very simple way of saying so much. NCGA is a finely-tuned machine and, while many do not realize the full extent of its involvement, the level and extent of its work is incredibly broad.  We need to maintain this while staying on the cutting edge of issues important to farmers.”


Geske’s priorities for service include maintaining NCGA’s proven effectiveness.  In order to do so, he believes that the organization must continue to be at the forefront on the policies prioritized by its member organizations.  Simultaneously, he sees a need to stay ahead of new and developing situations that may appear quickly.


Mike Geske, his wife, Jami, and their son farm 2,200 acres of corn, cotton, rice, soybeans and wheat in southeastern Missouri. 


“Serving as a board member for the past three years has been an incredible experience and a great honor,” he summarized.  “I am thankful to everyone who placed their trust in me.  I believe that the experience I have gained added to my ability to lead effectively and ask the delegates to allow me the opportunity to do so.”


The NCGA Corn Board election takes place at the July 18 Corn Congress session in Washington. 


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