(Posted Fri. Dec 23rd, 2011)

Dec. 23: Late last week, the World Trade Organization concluded its Eighth Ministerial Conference in Geneva. The meetings are held every other year and allow international trade negotiators an opportunity to tackle the most pressing trade issues. At the ministerial meeting, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk joined colleagues assessing the state of the Doha Round of WTO negotiations.


“The National Corn Growers Association appreciates the efforts of U.S. trade negotiators at the WTO to work for more open, free and fair international trade agreements,” said NCGA President Garry Niemeyer. “NCGA remains committed to the development and maintenance of fair and open global trade policies.”


In a statement, Kirk said that participating parties have had a positive, honest discussion on the Doha Round. “Many ministers have agreed with the assessment that we must ‘turn the page’ to solve the Doha impasse,” he noted. “They are willing, as is the United States, to make progress wherever possible on the Doha mandate, based on common efforts. But ministers have emphasized that ‘business as usual’ has not worked, and will not work going forward. Now is the time to craft credible, innovative approaches to the WTO’s work as an institution that liberalizes trade and creates and applied meaningful trade rules.”


To read the entire statement by U.S. Trade Rep. Ron Kirk, click here.