(Posted Thu. Oct 13th, 2011)

Geske at World Food PrizeOct. 13: National Corn Growers Association Corn Board member Mike Geske answered questions on what farmers will need to maximize productivity and profitability over the next five to ten years at the World Food Prize’s Truth About Trade and Technology 2011 Global Farm Roundtable, held this week in Des Moines.


Responding to inquires from an international panel, Geske stressed the myriad of benefits that biotech crops provide growers, the need for a streamlined approval process for new traits and the importance of trade associations to American farmers.


He noted that participants found information on NCGA efforts to educate farmers on the uses and applications of social media especially interesting.


“While there are certainly challenges specific to farming different crops in many geographical areas, events such as this clearly show that we face many common challenges as growers,” said Geske, a corn grower in Missouri. “While sharing our common experiences is inspiring, working together to find solutions helps us overcome the obstacles to a productive future for our industry.”


One of only two U.S. farmers selected for the event, Geske also attended the grand opening of the World Food Day Hall of Laureates, which houses a tribute to the late Norman Borlaug, often dubbed the “father of Green Revolution” and credited with saving more than a billion people from starvation. Laura Nielson, a South Dakota CommonGround volunteer and creator of The Real Farm Girl video series, also represented U.S. farmers during the roundtable.


This annual event, which works in conjunction with the World Food Prize Symposium, brings together 20 select farmers to share their personal experiences as they discuss current issues in agriculture, including access to technology, trade barriers and other matters relating to the future of international agriculture and food production. Through the roundtable, farmers look for common answers to their challenges and support each other through their shared work, message and mission.


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