The Coalition to Protect the Missouri River (CPR) has been created to represent the diverse interests of agricultural, navigational, industrial, utility and business-related entities who support responsible management of Missouri River resources. CPR opposes any major changes in the management of the Missouri River that adversely affects congressionally authorized uses. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has been considering changes in its guidance document, the Missouri River Master Water Control Manual (Master Manual) for more than a decade. Potential changes in the quantity and timing of flows from the Upper Basin (Montana, North and South Dakota) are extremely controversial and could negatively impact flood control, river commerce, municipal drinking water supplies and electric power generation in the Lower Basin (Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri). Lower flows on the Missouri River will also decrease flows on the Mississippi river, thereby adversely impacting river transport to the Gulf of Mexico.

A full-time Executive Director is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing all CPR activities staffs the CPR. Strategic efforts will be accomplished through a three-fold process including political, grass roots, and legal initiatives.

Coalition to Protect the Missouri River Membership List:

Ameren American Waterways Operators
Blaske Marine Cargo Carriers
DeBruce Grain Farmland Industries, Inc.
Iowa Farm Bureau John Lincoln
MFA Incorporated Midwest Area River Coalition (MARC 2000)
Midwest Terminal Warehouse Co., Inc. Missouri Chamber of Commerce
Missouri Corn Growers Association Missouri Dairy Association
Missouri Farm Bureau MO Levee & Drainage Dist. Assoc.
Missouri Soybean Association Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council
MO-ARK National Corn Growers Association
Phoenix Towing David Sieck
Wayne Stouder

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