Published by the National Corn Growers Association and sponsored in part by the U.S. Grains Council, this comprehensive resource is intended to provide readers with an update on the latest events surrounding biotechnology in agriculture.


As you’ll see when you read through the guide, biotechnology holds great promise for farmers and consumers around the globe. Biotechnology has not only assisted today’s producers in meeting increased demand for a safe and abundant grain supply, it has also benefited rural economies and the environment.


As demonstrated by the rapid adoption of biotechnology in the U.S. agriculture sector, farmers understand the advantages the technology offers. Yet, as is often the case with emerging technologies, some consumers do not fully understand the potential of biotechnology. NCGA’s goal is to continue to inform consumers about biotechnology through educational outreach and awareness efforts.


This guide provides a contemporary science-based approach to biotechnology and addresses many of the issues surrounding the escalating use of this technology. We hope the publication heightens your understanding of biotechnology and answers any questions you may have.


NCGA Biotechnology Reference Guide


Downloadable Sections:


Consumer Benefits of Biotechnology

Grower Benefits of Biotechnology

Regulatory Oversight

Plant Derived Biologics

Historical Look At Biotechnology

Glossary of Terms

Biotechnology Web Sites

Biotechnology on the Market