Tell the EPA that the RFS Works Today

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to set the renewable volume obligation (RVO) annual target for corn-based ethanol below the amount set by Congress in the nation’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The 2017 RVO standard as proposed by EPA, 14.8 billion gallons instead of 15 billion gallons, effectively cuts corn usage by 71.4 million bushels.


The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is the federal law that helps get domestic, renewable, cleaner-burning corn ethanol blended in the nation’s fuel supply.


This cut in required volumes will have a devastating effect on farmers and rural communities across the country at a time when corn is in abundant supply and corn prices are hovering near the cost of production. This loss is equivalent to suspending all of our corn exports to Taiwan, one of our largest customers.


American farmers produced a near record 13.6 billion bushels last year, according to USDA and another large crop is emerging across the nation. As a result, corn prices hover near break-even levels. In such precarious times we can ill afford to derail a market for 71.4 million bushels of demand equivalent to nearly $271 million in revenue.


We’re growing more than enough corn to meet all needs. There’s no need to change something that works. The RFS has reduced greenhouse gas emissions, decreased our reliance on foreign oil, lowered gasoline prices for consumers, increased economic stability in rural America and spurred innovation in advanced and cellulosic biofuels.


Comment by the July 11, 2016 deadline to help save this market equivalent to 425,000 acres of corn.


Please contact the EPA today to tell them how much harm this proposal is causing your farm and your community. 



Farmers comment here.

Consumers comment here. 



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