Recent NCGA testimony at congressional and other government-related meetings, comments in response to regulatory proposals, and correspondence to government and other officials.

2015 Documents

2015-11-19 OSHA and Process Safety Management


2015-11-04 Letter to President on CFTC Nomination


2015-10-30 Federal Water Quality Protection Act


2015-10-06 Letter to EPA-Requesting Answers to Webinar Questions


2015-09-14 Joint Commodity CRP Comments


2015-09-10 USBCA Letter to President Obama


2015-09-03 Transportation-Highway Bill Letter to House


2015-08-24 EPA on Monarch Butterflies


2015-08-15 Registration of Solatenol


2015-08-11 Letter to EPA on WOTUS Effective Date


2015-08-04 Sensible Environmental Protection Act


2015-08-04 International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources


2015-07-29 Amendment to Energy Policy Modernization Act


2015-06-26 Availability of FMD Vaccine


2015-06-18 Comprehensive Global Food Security Strategy


2015-05-29 Fine Particulate Matter National Ambient Air Quality Standards

2015-05-11 Regulatory Integrity Protection Act of 2015


2015-05-07 EPA and Oil Industry on the RVO


2015-04-24 Pollinator Health


2015-04-24 UAS in Agriculture Working Group Comments


2015-04-24 Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems


2015-04-20 NTIA Drone Privacy Best Practices


2015-03-24 Reauthorization of Surface Transportation Board


2015-02-19 Experimental Use Permit for Clothianidin


2015-02-05 Letter on Trade Promotion Authority


2015-02-04 Letter on Presidents Budget Proposal


2015-01-12 Regulatory Accountability Act


2015-01-09 Extension Request for EPA Scientific Advisory Board Nominations