(Posted Thu. Jan 3rd, 2013)

Keywords: Production and Stewardship Action Team

Jan. 3: The National Corn Growers Association’s Production and Stewardship Action Team focuses on a wide variety of issues impacting growers including: promoting scientifically-based domestic environmental policy, promoting locally led, voluntary stewardship, strengthening U.S. transportation infrastructure and supporting livestock as the largest market for U.S. corn. In each of these areas, 2013 will continue to bring exciting programs and reenergized efforts under the leadership of the 14 growers who, along with state and national staff assistance, keep a sharp eye on program efforts in these three areas. Following the meetings, Off the Cob caught up with PSAT Chair Dean Taylor, a grower from Prairie City, Iowa, to see what his team discussed and what NCGA members can expect to see in 2013. “One of the most important topics that we covered is the NCGA National Corn Yield contest, which recently released the 2012 results” said Taylor. “We see the contest as important to our...