(Posted Wed. Sep 14th, 2016)

Keywords: NCYC Corn Yield Contest

With harvest underway in some areas and soon to begin in others, the National Corn Growers Association reminds 2016 National Corn Yield Contest entrants to complete the online harvest forms. While the harvest information form deadline may seem distant, entrants are asked to report within seven business days of their final yield check or by Nov. 21, whichever comes first.   “While many may still have weeks before …

(Posted Fri. Mar 1st, 2013)

Keywords: Corn Yield Contest

Mar. 1: The National Corn Growers Association released a video today offering tops from perennial high-yield entrants of the National Corn Yield Contest during a breakfast at Commodity Classic honoring the state winners of the 2012 contest. The new video, which accompanies the traditional online NCYC Guide, offers farmers across the country a chance to apply the tips learned through the contest to their own operations to improve their yields …