(Posted Fri. Jul 12th, 2013)

Keywords: Corn Board Candidates

July 12: Next week, delegates attending the National Corn Growers Association Corn Congress in Washington will elect five farmers to serve on the organization’s Corn Board.  Taking office on Oct. 1, the start of NCGA’s 2014 fiscal year, the leaders selected will help shape the policies that guide the organization and will best serve corn farmers across the United States.   Corn Board Candidates for 2014 are Ronnie Burleson, Richfield, N.C.; Rob Elliott, Cameron, Ill.; Jon Holzfaster, Paxton, Neb.; David Howell, Middletown, Ind.; Kevin Ross, Minden, Iowa; Gary Schmalshof, Adair, Ill.; Wesley Spurlock, Stratford, Texas; and Paul Taylor, Esmond, Ill. The four new members receiving the most votes will serve three-year terms, while the candidate elected to the board receiving the fewest votes will serve a one-year term beginning the same day.   “NCGA has historically been blessed with a large pool of quality, skilled candidates willing to serve their fellow farmers by stepping into...