(Posted Tue. Nov 8th, 2011)

Nov. 8: The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance is holding committee meetings, a board meeting and its annual meeting for all affiliates this week in Kansas City. The National Corn Growers Association is represented by NCGA Chairman and USFRA Board of Directors Executive Committee Vice Chairman Bart Schott, NCGA and USFRA Advisory Committee CEO Rick Tolman and NCGA Communications Director Ken Colombini, a member of the USFRA Communications Advisory Committee.


“We are extremely excited by the progress made over the past year,” said NCGA Chairman Bart Schott. “From the growth of this unprecedented movement to the attention generated during our launch, the Alliance brings farmers and ranchers to the table for the conversation on food in a meaningful way. Now, we have a chance to regroup and find the most effective ways to become more engaged and in-tune with consumers concerned about farming today.”


During these meetings, Jane Ade Stevens, executive director of the Indiana Corn Growers Association, joined the USFRA board of directors. She was appointed as part of her role as executive of the Indiana Soybean Alliance, a new board-level affiliate of USFRA.


In addition to these meetings, the Alliance held a follow-up to its September 22 Town Hall meeting in the form of an hour-long online video chat on the role of biotechnology, held Nov. 2. The session, created in response to an ongoing discussion on the USFRA Facebook page, featured two of the original Town Hall participants, Dr. Pam Ronald of the University of California at Davis and Michael Dimock of Roots of Change. Click here to view a video of the discussion.