(Posted Tue. Aug 30th, 2011)

Aug. 30: To aid any members still considering applying to serve on a National Corn Growers Association action team or committee in 2012, Off the Cob spoke with Growers Services Action Team Chair Brandon Hunnicutt about how he became involved with NCGA, what these positions entail and why he dedicates his time and effort to leadership.


“Initially, I was involved in Corn Congress as a delegate for my state, but I decided it was time to step up and put my name in to become a member of an action team,” said Hunnicutt. “Now, a year later, I am chairing my team.”


He went on to provide perspective on what he has gained through his efforts.


“Overall, it has been a great experience,” said Hunnicutt. “You get to meet some great people and, more importantly, you get to look at what we can do as an organization to get a good solid base of growers out there to represent corn well.”


Offering his perspective on involvement, he noted that, while the work is both important and rewarding, it does not require the time commitment that many expect.


“Sometimes, I think that there is a lot of misinformation that leads possible candidates to believe that this takes a lot of time. It really doesn’t,” said Hunnicutt. “Meetings only last about three days. So, serving on a team only takes a few days out of your schedule a couple of months per year.”


While he sees the time commitment as manageable, he passionately explained the importance he places on taking an active role in ag leadership.


“There are really only about ten percent of people who show up and make a difference in their industry, and I want to be part of that ten percent,” said Hunnicutt. “I serve because I want to make sure that we are protecting this industry that I dearly love.”


To listen to the full interview, click here.


For those still interested, action team and committee applications are available by contacting your state corn organization or NCGA. Deadline for receipt of applications in the NCGA St. Louis office is Thursday, Sept.1. Interested parties can contact Kathy Baker at the NCGA office with questions, at (636) 733-9004.