(Posted Fri. Aug 19th, 2011)

Aug. 19: Yesterday, the National Corn Growers Association’s 2011 Social Media Training Program hosted a webinar offering participants a comprehensive view of how to create an effective, successful blog. The program is generously supported by Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont Business, and is the eighth of 12 free hour-long online learning sessions underway monthly through 2011.


“Each time we hold another webinar, I reaffirm my strong belief that social media can share our personal stories as farmers with a large audience, easily, and in a way that non-ag audiences relate to,” said Grower Services Action Team Chair Brandon Hunnicutt, a farmer in Nebraska very active in social media. “I look forward to reading blogs launched by our participants and seeing the real-world impacts of our program.”


As blogs have become a main source of news and information for people around the world, it is imperative that farmers use this tool to share their story with peers, consumers and decisions makers. This format also provides an excellent venue in which to combat the negative information promoted on a variety of anti-ag websites. During the webinar, attendees learned how to set up a blog and create compelling content. Additionally, the session provided real-life examples of successful blogs written by farmers.


The next webinar in the series, which will feature information on making social media simple with smartphones, will air on September 15. Follow-up webinars are planned for October 20, November 17 and December 15. Times for these will be announced prior to the webinars. To view the presentations given in previous sessions, click here.